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the #1 program for spiritual entrepreneurs

Attention: Spiritual Healers, Entrepreneurs, & Lightworkers

Are you struggling to turn your
Spiritual Passion => Profit?

I've got news for you...
It's not your strategy, it's your Sight!

Discover the missing link to skyrocketing your spiritual business through developing your natural clairvoyant gifts.

And the ONLY way to master this transformative skill?
Third Eye T.H.R.I.V.E. certification. Let us guide you past the confusion, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome and directly into real financial success!

Are you ready to
birth insane WEALTH 
with an authentic
& aligned spiritual business!?

This is your 24-Week journey to turn your soul's
Calling into major Coin!
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Your Missing Piece is Your Clairvoyance!

Turn Your Purpose into Profit

Let's get you to a 6-figure+ business
 in just 24 weeks!

Even if you have absolutely NO prior experience in clairvoyance, spiritual business, or any woo-woo, we've got you! In just 6 months you'll birth a profitable and powerful business in the world that feels 100% in alignment with your Soul's purpose.

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🤯 without these skills, you'll never be able to fully step into your mission 🤯

It's time to 

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The Proven 6-Step Skill Development Process for 
Massive Abundance & Alignment:

Step 1:


Where there is trust, there is treasure. Lack of trust is the #1 reason why you are not where want to be, in your spiritual business — trust in your self, trust in your gifts, trust in the world, trust in your Calling, or trust in your business acumen.

Our clairvoyant development process completely obliterates all self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and mistrust that keeps you playing small.
Step 2:


Every spiritual entrepreneur has unconscious blocks that are limiting the amount of abundance available at any given time. 80% of your financial limits come from the unseen realms.

Through our proven clairvoyant healing techniques, you will easily lift off the energetic bottlenecks keeping you out of mind-blowing wealth and abundance.
Step 3:


Aligning to your inner spiritual calling with the outer collective energies of those you serve is a key factor in lasting and legacy-building wealth.

We'll teach you to the crucial skill of daily re-alignment to position your business to resonate with your target audience, drawing them magnetically to you....day after day.
Step 4:


Your offerings MUST be just like you -- unique, intriguing, and specialized. If you don't have an irresistible & powerful offering that is fully aligned with your Calling, you'll never be able to collect all the Coin you deserve.

Innovation comes down to marketing, sales, packaging, and communicating clearly how you serve your tribe. We help you fully develop your offerings so your dream clients flock to you and rave about your products & services.
Step 5:


It's time to put it all into practice! With your new clairvoyant confidence & proven business skills, you will venture out of the comfort zone and into the profit zone, where you will execute your business strategies flawlessly and begin your service to the world.

Through our fully supported and hand-held program, you will be able to shift out of lack and allow the fire hose of abundance to rain down into your spiritual business.
Step 6:


As the coin adds up in your bank account, you will start to apply proven methodologies for improvement, refinement, and growth to continue to earn at the highest level, while maintaining full alignment with your calling.

You will take all the skills you learned throughout this 40 week gestation period and start to apply it in other areas of your business to maximize your growth potential and scale at the rate that you prefer.

💎 Triple Certification Awaits! 💎

Clairvoyant Psychic Reader™

Your stepping stone into the world of clairvoyant readings. Begin to see, read, interpret, understand, and guide all from the neutrality of the Third Eye!

Clairvoyant Soul Reader™

Dive deeper and enhance your psychic readings, reaching the soul level of your clients in the most transformative and resonant ways!

Clairvoyant Master Healer™ Certification

Attain full mastery. Not just readings, but healings. Emerge as a beacon of hope and a source of spiritual healing for those seeking it.
kind words by students

Our students love our
approach to learning

"I had no idea that the missing piece to my success was my clairvoyance. Now that I can fully heal and realign on the daily from all my inner crap, I can be who I came here to be. It's amazing! This class is priceless! Thank you!"
Erika Romano goleetia
"I started out with barely having any clients and now I can't seem to keep my calendar empty! Its crazy. The tools taught in this course have allowed me to leave my job and pursue helping others full time."
Argirel pagatos
My biggest obstacle was trust!
Madeline smyth
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