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joan dizon

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Joan is a certified Clairvoyant Master Healer™ with the Third Eye Psychic School and psychic & clairvoyant teacher. Joan's mission in life is to help ignite abundant healing, awareness and foresight with her students and clients. Joan is passionate about seeing the messages that uncover the layers to your divine spiritual gifts and sacred life path- so that new gateways open up for more ease, miracles, grace and flow into your life.

In her 60- minute reading sessions, she creates a safe and sacred space to validate the obstacles that you are experiencing both in the seen and unseen realms, and leads you through the reading & healing process. She also shares powerful and tangible next steps to assist you in your journey. Her clairvoyant guidance, healing and teachings will give you the confidence to remember and welcome your natural, holy sovereignty and your highest aligned essence to this reality.

Joan specializes in psychic readings & healings for:

  • Soul purpose & Spiritual Gifts
  • Lineage, Generational & Ancestral Connections + Bleed-through
  • Past Lives
  • Aura Layers
  • Spirit Guides & Master Guides
  • Motherhood & Fatherhood Wounding
  • Mental, Spiritual & Emotional Embodiment
  • Chakra Clearing
  • Akashic Records Upgrade
  • Energetic Protection
  • Relationships + Love Partners
  • Karma & Dharma Books
  • Sex, Orgasms & Intimacy
  • Manifesting Desires & Money

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