Professional Certification
Clairvoyant Psychic Reader™

Get certified in just 12 weeks as a professional Clairvoyant Psychic Reader  
with our world-class curriculum, live practice readings, and unlimited support.

You deserve to be fully recognized and sought after for your professional spiritual gifts.

We teach you everything! No prior experience necessary!

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Become a Professional Clairvoyant Psychic

Learn how to give resonant and powerful readings using your Third Eye with 100% Confidence...Guaranteed!

No Cards! No Muscle Testing! No Pendulum!

No prior experience is necessary!

We'll teach you everything you know to become a top 1% Psychic in the world!

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What's Included:

Lifetime Access to the 12 Week course on our student portal

✓ Onboarding call with your personal Clairvoyant Coach

3 Energy Checks & Personal Coaching sessions

Textbook & Workbook mailed to your door

✓ 12 Weekly Psychic Clinics to Practice on Live Clients

5-10 Testimonials From Live Clients

✓ Exclusive Online Community for Students Only

✓ Weekly live group masterminds with Alex

Full certification as a Clairvoyant Psychic Reader™

✓ 100% Clairvoyant Confidence Guarantee
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The Six Benefits of Certification:

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1. Credibility

With so many untrained, unqualified, and, frankly, creepy scam artist psychics out there, being able to distinguish yourself as a certified and professionally trained Clairvoyant Psychic Reader™ brings instant credibility to your business and lets your clients know that they are in safe, responsible hands.
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2. Third Eye Activation

Even if you've never done anything remotely psychic, this program will help you reclaim your natural psychic gifts and feel confident, validated, and empowered in your third eye. Even the most skeptical or novice of our students quickly find themselves clairvoyantly reading easily in just a few weeks!
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3. Safe & Sacred Sessions

When you are properly trained, you are able to conduct readings for your clients in full safety, sovereignty, integrity, and energetic responsibility. This ensures the highest level of spiritual alignment, accountability and professionalism. When a client’s mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being are safe and held sacredly by you, everyone benefits!
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4. Deeply Resonant Readings

This certification teaches you how to give the most resonant readings so that your client feels truly seen, validated, understood, and witnessed on the deepest of levels. Untrained psychics don't have the discernment to know what is their own information and what is their client's. Our process will help you develop this so you can have the most transformational sessions where everyone grows!
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5. Inner Healing & Self Mastery

The best psychics are the ones who have done the inner work for themselves first. This certification program will take you through your own transformational journey to heal your pain and wounding, so that you can be a clear vessel for your clients. This is the ultimate course for those looking to deepen and expand into their soul's mission. It requires dedication, discipline, and a willingness to go deep into the Self, which is why we don't accept everyone!
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6. Staying Power & Business Sustainability

The biggest issue that untrained psychics and energy workers face is spiritual burnout. Without the proven protocols and Psychic Tools necessary to sustain 8-10 clients/day, these people get easily depleted from their work. This means they have to rest more often, take less clients, and struggle to be profitable. Our certification will teach you how to have the energetic freedom to create a thriving spiritual business!

Our Proven Clairvoyant
Empowerment Method™

After 10 years of program testing, we've created the only 
PROVEN SUCCESS FORMULA for Clairvoyant development that exists!

Flexible Learning

Through our online portal of videos and audios or with our 300 page textbooks and workbooks, you can learn in the style that works best for you at your convenience each week!

Live Practice

Every Wednesday our students give live, professional readings to live clients where they can practice in real time with real people for invaluable experience.

1-on-1 Coaching

Each certification has its own coaching package included so that your journey feels personalized, relevant, and contoured to your unique Third Eye reclamation journey.

Third Eye Workouts

We know that the Third Eye is a muscle that needs to be flexed daily. Each week, you are given daily meditations and Psychic Tools to work out your Clairvoyant gifts.

Introducing our revolutionary 4-pillar mastery process to ensure you feel 100% confident in the clairvoyant abilities that you will learn through these certifications. 

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The Skills You'll Learn:

By the end of this 12 week program, you will have confidently developed the following skills:

Third Eye Basics

How to Activate and Stay in Your Third Eye to Give Readings

>> Learn how to get and stay in your Third Eye so that you are truly reading clairvoyantly
>> Understand when you are reading from intuition or inner knowing vs. inner sight
>> Understand the benefits and drawbacks of each type of reading
>> Release all invalidation, self-doubt, or imposter syndrome
How to read

How to Read Psychic Information & a Client's Subconscious Mind

>> Learn how to connect to your Client's soul and subconscious mind
>> Read hidden information in clear and resonant ways
>> Practice the 'breadcrumb' method that is proven to reveal the most intricate symbols and truths
>> Trust what you see
how to interpret

How to Interpret Psychic Information & the Images You See

>> Learn how to interpret what you see in a way that is meaningful and resonant to the Client
>> Understand how to interpret from one-step ahead so your client has the most potent information
>> Trust your interpretation
Professional ethics

How to Stay Immaculate In Your Psychic Professionalism

>> Learn the powerful skills and tools to keep your energy at Gold and maintain the highest standard of ethical integrity and spiritual cleanliness each and every day
>> Learn opening and closing prayers 
Setting sacred space

How to Create a Safe Space For You and Your Clients

>> Create safe space for your clients to full de-armor in order to have the most validating and resonant readings possible
>> Learn the exact proven process to take on multiple clients each day to create a lucrative business
daily psychic hygiene

How to Avoid Spiritual Burnout

>> Learn the proven Daily Psychic Hygiene protocol to keep your energy clear of psychic exhaustion and spiritual fatigure
client communication

How to Use the Correct Language For Your Clients

>> Learn what words need to be used with a Client and how to adjust your language to help your client fully dearmor and soften into their own truth
Pitfalls avoidance

How to Avoid Common Pitfalls and Mistakes

>> Learn the common mistakes many psychics make and how to get yourself out of them in full integrity
>> Understanding the energetics of pitfalls

How to Co-Create With the Client for the most Resonance

>> Learn the exact, repeatable process of creating a co-creative experience with the Client without accidentally losing credibility or authority

How to Overcome Personal Blocks, Fears, & Pain

>> Discern what is your energy and what is not
>> Easily release your own blocks
>> Pro-actively heal yourself
>> Leverage your readings for deeper mastery
>> Step into greater authenticity
releasing cords

How to Create Clean Endings & Separations From the Client

>> Release Matching Energy
>> End Healing Obligations
>> Allow Each Person to Be Free 
>> Close Karma
>> Cut Energetic Cording
>> Closing Prayer

How to Stay Neutral No Matter What You See

>> Keep your Authority Throughout the Reading
>> Heal any fear of darker energies or stories
>> Maintain Psychic Seniority for Safe Readings
>> Release resistance to seeing the truth
>> Feel empowered reading a Client's truth

How to Keep Your Client's Autonomy Intact

>> How to ensure that you are only reading your Client's information, not yours
>> How to discern when autonomy weakens
>> The steps to take when autonomy weakens
answering questions

How to Answer Any Question

>> Learn the exact process to answer any question
>> What to do when you don't get an answer
>> The truth behind questions
giving next steps #8

How to Give Next Steps

>> Give your clients actionable next steps that they can take immediately
>> Help them integrate all that has been revealed
>> How not to give advice and instead stay in full resonance with your client
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Your Instructor:

Alexandria Moran

Clairvoyant Master Healer™ • Clairvoyant Master Teacher™

Hi, I'm Alex! I'll be your guide throughout this process. I'm so excited to show you how to become a top performing, powerful, and resonant Clairvoyant Psychic Reader™ who can make a real difference in the life of your clients.

I've been in the spiritual world for over 20 years and have seen it all! The proven methodology, processes, and modules have been perfected over decades and is responsible for 900+ women worldwide, just like you, who are now able to fully step into their Third Eye Power and build spiritual businesses.

I'm here to help you every step of the way! 
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The Readings You'll Master
Using Only Your Natural Third Eye Power:

By the end of this 12 week program, you will be able to confidently read and charge for the following Readings:

Your Personal Coach:

Joan Dizon

Clairvoyant Master Healer™ 

Hi, I'm Joan! I'm your go-to for everything that shows up for you during this process. I've personally gone through this exact curriculum, so I truly understand the challenge and the joy that comes from this experience.

I'm here to be your light in the darkness, your cheerleader when you feel discourage, and your sacred friend to easily move through your personal blocks so you can have what you deserve to have... your power! I'm here for you, woman! 

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Flexible Learning

No matter your learning style, we've got you covered! You can watch videos of the lessons, read the lessons in your Textbook, or listen to the lessons to absorb the information. Many students do all three! So you can learn on-the-go, in-the-car, or whenever you have a moment.

Time commitment each week:
1-3 hours of learning depending on your preferred method
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Weekly Psychic Clinics

Every Wednesday from 6pm PST to 8pm PST we meet on zoom to practice the skills for the week. You will need to log 12 Psychic Clinics to receive clinic hours for your certification.
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Third Eye Workouts

Each week, you will have Clean Out Meditations, Reading Skills Practices and Journal Prompts to complete before the next Psychic Clinic.

***Homework must be submitted on the portal by Noon PST on Wednesday of the Clinic to be eligible to attend that clinic for credit.
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Clairvoyant Coaching

Throughout this certification you get:

  • 4 Personal Coaching Calls/Energy Checks to customize your reclamation process and help you achieve all of your clairvoyant goals
  •  12 Weekly Q&A zoom calls on Thursdays at 11am PST to ask questions, share experiences, and get group guidance 

Clairvoyant Confidence Guarantee™

100% CONFIDENCE GUARANTEED •  Our Zero Risk Guarantee

We are so confident in your innate psychic abilities and our proven Clairvoyant Empowerment Method™ that has helped hundreds of people reclaim their natural clairvoyance and use it with full confidence in a professional setting, that we offer an unwavering guarantee:

By completing this program, and all of the initiations we offer, we guarantee that you will awaken and access consistently your Third Eye, trust your spiritual gifts of reading and healing with unwavering certainty, and deliver psychic sessions that will leave both yourself and your clients in awe.

If, for any reason, you don't feel a significant increase in your confidence and resonance as a clairvoyant we will keep working with you until you do! We believe that if you are here, you are meant to do this.

We are invested in your success! 
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