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Re-Aee Woolboy
Washington, USA
Combining an empathic heart with her clairvoyant gifts, Re-Aee empowers women burdened with past paternal wounds to reclaim their freedom, self-worth, and inner peace. Helping women release the chains of toxic habits and reconnect with their innocent, powerful inner child, Re-Aee transforms lives.
Jaqueline Gonzalez
Hawaii, USA
Jacqueline is a Professional Clairvoyant Reader and a Certified Clairvoyant Master Healer, with hundreds of ongoing clients in 14 time zones around the world. 
She’s on a mission to empower people to release all inner resistance, embody their inherent divinity, and actualize their perfect self-expression in life. 
Madyson Ancell
Utilizing her extensive knowledge and psychic skills, Madyson creates transformative healing, provides clarity, and guides her clients toward self-awareness and purpose. She easily can illuminate unseen influences on current situations, enabling her clients to heal, reclaim their power, clear negative energy, and realize their utmost potential. Plus she has a podcast!
Mercedes Chogri
As a self-esteem coach, Mercedes guides women to find a deep sense of self, validation and power through her sessions.
Carly Frazier
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Carly has devoted 15+ years to traversing the realms of body, mind, and spirit, embracing challenges, living abroad, thriving in business, and embarking on a deeply personal journey of self-discovery. She has a thriving YouTube channel and community to empower her viewers to own their wellness.
Angeline Kace
Utah, USA
Angeline coaches women who are rising to claim their power. She helps women to fully embody their power in a world that tells them they are simultaneously too much and not enough. Her approach is working wholistically with mind, body, and spirit to alleviate outdate mechanisms blocking potential.
Madeline Vu
New York, USA
Madeline believes in a structured yet intuitive approach that combines knowledge from ancient traditions and modern therapies — bridging the ethereal and material realms.By choosing to dive deep and heal these parts of ourselves with compassion and loving acceptance, we get unstuck and make room for real change. 
Amber Hartman
California, USA
Amber's life's journey, has been dedicated to aiding others in transition with their selves, relationships, and businesses, illuminating their paths and facilitating their alignment with their highest, authentic selves. Transformation has been a life mastery for Amber, from a 12-year long abusive relationship to discovering her clairvoyant gifts, reclaiming her feminine power, becoming a mother.
Kaitlin May
Kaitlin is a natural born healer and seer and has worked with many Shamans, Elders and Medicine People from all around the world for the past 9 years studying the unseen energetic worlds and how they show up and impact our mental, emotional, physical and sexual bodies.  If you’re struggling with aspects of your identity and moving forward in your life direction with confidence and clarity, she is here to help.
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