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Founder Alex, interviews graduates about their experience with our Mastery certifications. See first-hand their experience!

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Successfully Graduated Psychics!
kind words from our graduates

Our Students Love Us!

This was a life changing experience for me!! I'm not sure what I was expecting when I went into it but I have come out the other side with a new way to live in a world that I thought I'd never be able to thrive in. I assumed I would just have to go to healers regularly and that I would never be able to manage my own "stuff". But wow, what an amazing feeling to learn that I can in fact be in charge of myself and heal myself! My mind has been blown and I'm forever grateful for my experience and can't wait to keep learning more! 
Kate, 37 - Canada
These courses were life changing for me! The tools I learnt to use in my life daily have helped me find my sovereignty and neutrality. I am looking at things in a whole new light and my family has noticed the positive changes in me. Alex is so knowledgeable and down to earth. 
I learned so many skills to ground and protect myself on the daily which was what I was hoping for and have been searching for years! My chronic illness and battle with LYME has improved dramatically which is not something that would ever happen to me!
AMY, 40 - los angeles
Alex is a authentic, down to earth & an approachable teacher. She makes learning this deep psychic work so fun and leaves you excited what comes next! I highly recommend this school to anyone who has been looking for ways to ground and protect themselves to remain in your own energy and begin to truly recognize what belongs to you and what was left unwanted from others. I have never felt so aligned and in my power… God what it feels to feel sovereign?!!-️ Thanks Again Alex! You are a gift to us All!
I cannot say enough how much I truly loved and enjoyed the mastery program. The tools, readings, techniques, and spiritual understandings taught here are something everyone can benefit from. The safe space that Alex and the other Third Eye Psychic School teachers create along with the energy within that space is something so special that it can’t be put into words. I am incredibly grateful that the universe lead me here and how much of a positive impact these tools have had in my life.
halee, 29- kentucky
These courses have been absolutely wonderful and I'm so happy I signed up! I learned valuable tools for grounding myself, dealing with stress/triggering situations, and I now feel so much more at ease with myself and empowered in my life and interactions with others. The group sessions were fun and supportive, the price for the value is excellent, the encouragement by the teachers and other students was uplifting, and I am so grateful that I found this program. I use the tools every day and miss going to the Psychic Clinics and healing circles, but I feel stronger moving forward and I can't wait to sign up for the next course!
Dorothy,  38 - Vermont
I was skeptical about these programs at first, but wow, they've completely changed the way I perceive the world. I've unlocked my inner power, and it's like being born again. My relationships, career, everything has improved. I can’t thank Alex enough for this transformation!
Talk about a wake-up call. These programs have shown me how much more there is to life. Embracing my inner vision has led to so many positive changes – improved focus, better decision-making, you name it. I’m in awe of the power within me that Third Eye Schol has helped unlock."
HANNAH, 42 - canada
This is not just another certification program. It's like a private tutor for your soul. Since I’ve started, I’ve learned to trust myself, be more assertive, and best of all, worry less about MY future. This is a game changer, trust me."
JANICE, 34 - los angeles
This courses are wonderfully organized and comprehensive. They covers important aspects of psychic awareness - from clearing to shielding, connecting to earth and cosmic energies, manifesting/having, and so much more and clairvoyant reading/healing. The tools taught are useful and powerful. I especially loved Alex Moran's presence and energy. She's compassionate, relatable and someone I'd love to continue learning from.
jacqueline, 38 - hawaii
I loved it all! I have learnt amazing tools, I think I've been searching for this my whole life, and especially since I've been doing psychic work - I found myself getting so drained after a reading, very easily and then have to take a month off to recover sometimes! I looooovee this work so much, and would like to be able to handle more. Even as a busy mama. Did I just say that? I think I need to blow roses for resistance on handling more... haha.
gaby, 32 - Arizona
I liked so many things about this class. I would have never thought of myself as psychic and certainly would not have thought I would get so much out of a psychic course. This course was great. Explanations were given so even if you're brand new to the spiritual community, it was easy to understand. But it was paced well enough, that whether a student is seasoned in any kind of spiritual awakening or not, it's a challenging yet very do-able pace.  Additionally, Joan was incredible. She gave personal stories that I know I could really relate to and it was very validating. Very supportive space. All in all, my thank you simply does not feel like enough for what a wonderful experience this has been.
bri,  26 - kentucky
"I thought I'd seen (and learned) it all. Boy, was I wrong. This journey of self-discovery has given me a new lease on life. No more external seeking, just an empowered inner vision and a new found career. I’m living proof that it's never too late to embrace your innate power."
linda, 55 - washington, d.c
What a breakthrough! I've always felt like something was missing in my spiritual journey. This school helped me find that 'something' was my clairvoyance all along. The peace and clarity I’ve gained are indescribable. If you’re on the fence, don't hesitate, jump right in."
"I never expected this kind of transformation. I've always been reliant on tarot readings for answers. This program taught me to trust my inner voice, and it’s so empowering. I feel more in control of my life than ever before and now I'm teaching it to my kids!"
Eva,  38 - san diego
Literally the best decision I have made in my spiritual journey. I'm a bit of course junkie, taking all the latest and greatest. But this course has set the stage for the end of my seeking journey and the beginning of my thriving journey. I'm so excited for my next steps in the world.
madyson, 26 - ohio
What really makes this class so amazing is Alex. Her commitment, passion, love, experience, and expertise shine through. Even on the classes where a student might not be having as good a day, Alex's energy helps everyone feel excited and eager to learn too. She is holding space for us whether class is in session or not. I am so grateful for Alex and the Third Eye Psychic School.
Kristi, 32 - canada
I really enjoyed the whole experience. I learned so much new, interesting, useful, and fun information. Alex is a great teacher, she was very supportive and helpful with anyone's struggles or questions. This class has made me feel more powerful and self-confident in my psychic abilities! I'm a completely different (and amazingly better) person!
Carly,  36 - mexico
"Who knew life could be this vibrant? This journey of self-discovery and inner vision has been the best investment in myself. It's given me a new perspective and a confident, calm approach to life’s challenges. A real game changer!"
GLORIA, 37 - seattle
My life has taken a 180. I thought I knew it all. These programs taught me that the most powerful divination tool was within me all along. The clarity and peace I've found are incomparable. You're never too old to discover your true potential
Susan, 32 - Austin
I've never felt so validated in my life. These courses are life-changing and I feel more ME than ever. DO. IT. Don't let that little voice of doubt creep in. You derserve your power. Claim it.
larishe, 33 - los angeles
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