Requires Psychic Foundations™ as a pre-requisite

Advanced Psychic Tools™

In this 4 week course, we deep dive into the energetic body and teach you things that you will not find ANYWHERE else on the internet! These teachings are profound, ancient, and applied with a modern twist! You do not want to miss out on these tools.
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**This course requires the completion of Psychic Foundations™. Please DO NOT PURCHASE if you haven't already purchased Psychic Foundations. There will be NO REFUNDS if you haven't taken the pre-requisite course.
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Deepen Your Understanding
Of  Who You Are

In this 8 Module course, you will learn how to maximize your energy body for ultimate health, wealth, and happiness!

Learn things that are not taught anywhere else online!
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Eight Mind-Blowing Modules That
Will Completely Change
How You View Your Energy!

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Course Lessons

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