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At Third Eye Psychic School™, our mission is to ignite the divine potential within women, guiding them on a profound journey of spiritual awakening
and clairvoyant reclamation. We believe that everyone is born with natural psychic gifts and the process of remembering these gifts is one of the most powerful spiritual invitations we can go through.

Our goal is to be the guide through these initiations by providing comprehensive training, proven methodology, unwavering support, and a vibrant community of Sacred Sisterhood to empower students in embracing their unique gifts and creating a life of purpose.

Join us and unlock your limitless potential, navigate the realms of clairvoyance, and transform into a beacon of light in the world.

Soul-Aligned Education

We believe that each of our courses bring students closer to their authentic selves and their soul purpose

Sisterhood Support & Validation

We know that spiritual growth happens the quickest when in a supportive environment of like-minded women.

Pain Ridge Support. & Coaching

We understand the sophisticated emotional and mental challenges that comes up with this kind of work. We are here to help every step of the way so you are never alone.

Guaranteed Success & Confidence

Our proven methodology has been fined tuned for over a decade, making our school produce a 99% completion rate and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Meet our core team

Alexandria Moran

founder & CEO
Meet the woman who started it all and continues to develop world-class programs and certifications.

Joan Dizon

director of student success
Meet the woman in charge of making sure you feel supported and guided each step of your Clairvoyant journey

Kristi Gray

director of community & House mom
Meet the woman who mothers us all through this spiritual journey! 
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