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Ditch The Deck

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Ditch the Deck

💫Tired of endlessly shuffling those tarot cards and seeking answers from outside sources? Here's a lighthearted reality check:

The magic is not in the deck. It’s in YOU!
01 — Webinar Topics

What you will learn...

The webinar is designed to help you unlock your own known and known blocks around developing your natural clairvoyance so you can elevate your readings to a whole new level of resonance, alchemy, and transformation.

Deck Dependency &
Why It's Holding You Back

Do you find yourself over-relying on the cards to give you direction and show you the path ahead? If so, you may have inadvertently created a dependency on your divination tools. Believe it or not, this seemingly harmless addiction can actually slam the breaks on your spiritual growth! We'll show you how to get out of this Tarot Trap and fully step into your true source for life navigation!

Reading from Intuition versus Clairvoyance - What's the difference?

When you give readings, do you often find yourself saying things like, "I feel like this means..." when interpreting the cards? If so, you may be only reading from your Intuition which is limiting. We'll tell you why and how you can elevate this Intuition into Clairvoyance!

Why Clairvoyance is the Next Big Step In Your Spiritual Growth

We'll show you the benefits of why developing your natural clairvoyant gifts will not only IMPROVE your readings but give you the skills to take your readings to a whole new level! Imagine having access to an infinite source of interpretations that deeply resonant every time... this is what Clairvoyant Development can provide!
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  • Author & Deck Creator
  • Founder of Third Eye Psychic School™
  • Certified Clairvoyant Master Healer™
  • Self-proclaimed Deck Whore
the instructor

Meet Alex!

Hi! I'm so excited to take you on this journey of self-discovery, because I found myself in the same place that you are right now before I learned how to unlock my natural clairvoyance. 

I mean, I'm a deck creator and avid collector of all things tarot and oracle. I mean, I have over 50 decks and I've even created my own called The Journey Into The Underworld shadow work deck.

So I truly get it. But I also know that these fun and powerful tools can also be limiting and keep us dependent on looking outside of ourselves for answers. This is why I feel so called to help my fellow deck-obsessed sisters to Ditch the Deck and develop the true oracle within!

Let's do it!
03 — Testimonials

Here's what past attendees are saying

"I really resonated with the whole Intuition vs. Clairvoyance part of this webinar. Like, whoa.. I had no idea what the difference was and I wished I learned this so much sooner. I'm signing up for the Mastery courses now!"

Camille, Canada

"I'm a total deck whore! I absolutely love the art, the vibe, the power of decks. But I have found myself sort of stuck in my life and relationships. This webinar opened my eyes to the fact that I'm probably holding myself back. Just signed up for Psychic Foundations so I can get out of deck dependency. Thank you!

Jess, California

"I loved this webinar! It was really inspiring to hear that I can move beyond the crutch of the deck and finally step into my third eye. I can't wait to get started.

Rachel, California

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