What if you could Break Free from

& Reclaim your Life Force Power 


All without Confrontation or Conflict!

You can be free of life-sucking people once and for all!

This program has CHANGED my life forever! I no longer am the dumping ground for everyone else's B.S. at work! A new level of respect has appeared and I didn't even have to say anything! This should be taught in every corporate environment!
jenna mcGinnis
As a self-proclaimed empath, these tools have completely altered my daily experience! I now have energy to finally focus on my own dreams without being overwhelmed by everyone else's emotions. What a difference 3 days makes! Thank you for this experience!
Amelia hardy
If you are thinking about doing this program... do it! I can't believe I didn't learn this hacks sooner. What a great course. I cannot recommend more highly! Thank you! Thank you!
Caroline hubbard
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Feeling Drained?

Are you tired of feeling drained by energy vampires in your life? It's time to break free and reclaim your power with our transformative online course! This 5-day journey promises you the tools to regain your life force energy without any confrontation or conflict.
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About Energy Vampires...

They Are Attracted To The Brightest Light

Your powerful vibration draws lower energies to you like moths to a flame, making you are a prime target for those who exploit your radiance; however, our program promises to safeguard you from such negative energies and reacquaint you with your innate power and luminescence.

They Make It Hard To Get Rid Of Them

Energy Vampires tend to glom on those who they feed off of and it can feel impossible to get rid of them. We'll teach you how you become an energetic mis-match with your Energy Vampire so that you can truly be free of their  draining, exhausting, and difficult energy!

They Often Have No Idea They Are Draining You!

You probably have anEnergy Vampire is because you genuinely want to help others and make the world a better place.  Unfortunately, this good-hearted intention can attract those that will take advantage. We'll teach you how to keep those good intentions while establishing strong boundaries.

When You Stop Being Fuel For Energy Vampires,
The Second Half Of Your Life Begins!

Insightful Lessons, Practical Strategies, Lifetime Access, Community, and Guaranteed Results.
If you do all the tools, meditations, and journal prompts and don't  feel a shift, we'll refund your money

More Energy & Vitality

Replenish your life force energy and immediately reconnect with your personal power. You'll notice a marked increase in your zest and enthusiasm for life, making it so much easier to manage the ups and downs of life.

Mental Clarity & Direction

When you stop getting drained of your energy, you start to move towards greater self-alignment, abundance, and clarity in your bigger purpose. You can finally get on your path and show up authentically in the world.

Improved Relationships

When you learn how to set empoweirng boundaries, you'll effortlessly repair broken relationships and begin to attract healthier ways of being in relationships with others, including yourself!
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Attention: Empaths!
Cut Cords with 
Energy Vampires
once and for all!

Stop allowing others to siphon your life force, leaving you drained, exhausted, and burnt out!

Instead, you can use the power of your natural, untapped psychic gifts to create POWERFUL BOUNDARIES and never struggle with Energy Vampires again!

Imagine using your underlying & untapped Clairvoyant gifts to: 
1) Discover WHO is sucking your life force
2) SHIELD yourself from those negative energies
3) Establish strong BOUNDARIES with a newfound sense of EMPOWERMENT...

HOLY COW! This came into my life at the perfect moment! Buy this program! You will not regret it. How did I not know this stuff?!? 

Melissa B I Former Corporate Burnout Victim

Melissa B. I Chicago

the miracle of living outside of everyone's pain and in your own power

How Life Gets Better
When You Can Stop Energy Vampires:

Space To Follow Your Dreams

When you are free from carrying the weight of others' suffering your energy can re-focus on your own growth, healing, and transformation. You can finally feel ready to make the big moves free of other's expectations or agendas.

Emotional Stability

When you are un-burdened from everyone elses emotions, you realize that you are not the hot mess you thought you were! You were just taking on everyone else's stuff! When you get clear, you get stable... and can easily navigate challenge with emotional resilience and calm.

Enhanced Vitality

When you are no longer a fuel source for everyone else, you gain your own fuel back. This instantly heals overwhelm, exhaustion, and burnout; restoring your energy and finding a harmonious equilibrium.  We've even seen some chronic illnesses cured!

Nurture Self Care, for real.

You understand deeply what it means to reconnect with yourself, honoring your own needs and desires, and cultivating a self-care practice that nourishes your mind, body, and spirit... that actually heal you.

Rediscovery of  Self and
Soul Purpose: 

When you awaken your natural clairvoyance, you open the door to a journey of self-discovery to uncover your true purpose and align with your authentic path through your empathic nature.

Deeper, More Meaningful Relationships

Instead of constantly feeling like you have defend yourself from everyone else, you gain the capacity to attract wonderful people who are nourishing, respectful, and emotionally mature. 

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