Jul 24 / Alexandria Moran

You Are Already Psychic!

5 Ways You Are Already Using Your Clairvoyance

And You Don’t Even Realize It!

I cannot tell you how many times I hear from students and clients, "I’m not psychic" or "I'm ‘intuitive’ but definitely NOT psychic!"
I have to giggle to myself when I hear this because…well…let me tell you a little secret…
Everyone has psychic abilities!!! 
Read that again. Everyone. Yes, even you too! 
All humans are born with this 6th sense. 
The definition of clairvoyance is the power and ability to see objects or actions removed in time and spaced from natural viewing. This ability is incredibly strong when we are children. We just lose touch with it as we grow up and have to ‘adult’ in the ‘real world’.
That’s because IMAGINATION is the fuel to our clairvoyance. As kids, we are imagining all day long. We have imaginary friends, we play imaginary games, and we see imaginary things. We are incredibly clairvoyant and sensitive to the unseen world. It is this connection that gives children the emotional flexibility and strong sense of self that we often see in toddlers.
But as we grow up and start to attend school, we are taught to focus more on the practical applications of the mind through studies of math, science, and language. Imagination is often considered a distraction from the task at hand and we start to lose our practice with it. Over time, our clairvoyance fades into a distant memory as does our emotional flexibility and our sense of authentic direction. We seek outside of ourselves for our answers.
But just because our clairvoyance fades doesn’t mean it’s gone forever! It’s still in the background of our consciousness and we still use it more than we think. When you realize how much you are already using your clairvoyant gifts, it’s much easier to start to reclaim those lost parts of yourself!
Here are 5 ways you probably use your clairvoyance daily, without even knowing it:
To fully understand this difference, you need to understand what chakra a psychic reader is getting their information from. 
For those that are new to Energetics, consider this a crash course…The body has 7 main chakras that start at the base of the spine (1st) and go all the way up to the top of the head (7th). They are energy centers that have cone like extensions that come off the front and the back of the body. It looks kind like this:
These are our extrasensory sensors in the body. Each one has a different strength. For example, the 1st chakra is looking for and storing energetic information as it relates to body survival (themes like money, shelter, food, health). 
When someone gets psychic information through their 1st chakra, that information will be distorted by whatever information is stored there. So, for example, if someone has a lot of ‘lack’ information in their 1st, they may unintentionally interpret an opportunity to gain more wealth as something that will make them poor. Think the person who wants to start a business, but is too afraid to invest in themselves. 
It’s easy to see how information can get distorted, unintentionally.
Intuitive Readers
This same thing can happen for those that read Intuitively or Clairsentiently. These psychics are usually reading extrasensory information through their lower chakras. You often hear them say things like, “I feel like this is the message for you…” or “It feels good/bad/etc” or “I have a feeling…”. If your psychic, tarot reader, or energy worker is using the word ‘feel’ to describe how they are getting their information, you can be sure that they are reading through their lower chakras.
So what’s the big deal if someone reads you through their lower chakras?
Well, it’s actually a pretty big deal. Just like in the example of the 1st chakra, if someone is reading through their 2nd or 3rd (the places where Intuition exists), they are unintentionally distorting the information they get. It is getting filtered through everything that lives in the 2nd and 3rd chakras — things like: sexual traumas, personal power conflicts, belief systems, emotional betrayal, sisterhood wounding, past life pain, and much more!
What this means is that you are getting a reading that is part clear info for you and part filtered through your reader’s own baggage.
So when you go to an Intuitive reader, you MUST be able to discern what is yours and what isn’t yours if you are going to benefit from the session. Failure to do so will leave you feeling like the reading wasn’t very resonant or you might take advice that isn’t really for you. That’s a really big deal!
Clairvoyant Readers
When someone is able to read their psychic information through their 6th chakra (the third eye) they are called Clairvoyants. Clairvoyants don’t ‘feel’ their information like Intuitives do. They ‘see’ their information on their Reading Screen — a psychic movie screen that the information is projected on.
Getting a reading from a clairvoyant— especially a trained clairvoyant - read our blog on trained vs. natural psychics— is a completely different experience than getting a reading from an Intuitive.
First, the messages and images are seen not felt, so the interpretation comes across cleaner and more resonant. People who have received clairvoyant readings from students and teachers here at the Third Eye Psychic School often talk about how they have never been ‘seen’ on a soul level like that before. 
Second, the information distortion is a lot less because the 6th chakra is a neutral chakra. Feelings, beliefs, and nervous system information is not stored there so you don’t have to worry about the psychic giving you info based on their own baggage. If they are trained, then you get an even cleaner interpretation because the psychic knows how to thoroughly remove themselves from the reading. This means that you get straightforward imagery and information that you can apply immediately in your life.
Finally, because the information is coming through a neutral space, there is greater potential for deeper more thorough healing. Your soul won’t be in conflict with the reader and instead the reader is only a vessel with a screen for your soul to communicate through. This often creates a great sense of satisfaction with the reading and the reader!
The way that you know you are getting a true clairvoyant reading is that the reader will NEVER SAY THE WORD ‘FEEL’ to describe how they are getting their information. Instead, they will say things like, “I see this message for you…” or “I’m seeing this imagery…”. 
When a reader ‘sees’ rather than ‘feels’ you can be sure you are getting a clean reading from a clairvoyant reader.
Have you ever noticed the difference? Share below!
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