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Awaken Your
Third Eye Power & Transform Your Life From The Inside Out!

Take control of your thoughts to take control of your Destiny! Command the power of your subconscious mind, ON-DEMAND, to create life-changing miracles of wealth, joy, health, & love!
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The #1 Psychic & Intuitive Development School For Women!

we set the standard in psychic integrity • safety • professionalism • education




Third eye initiations completed
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Your Joy & Abundance is On The Other Side
 Of Your Clairvoyant Awakening!

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Ancient Egyptians understood the the Third Eye and it's connection to the nervous system & the pineal gland.
Unlock the potential of the Third Eye, the mystical Seat of the Soul, and open YOUR divine gateway between the physical and spiritual dimensions... the conscious & unconscious mind.

By mastering its secrets, YOU GAIN THE ABILITY TO...
Tap into your subconscious mind on-demand
✔ Influence & shape your reality to your advantage
Fully control your mind, emotions, & belief systems

This profound awakening to your True Self leads to a life brimming with unshakable confidence, crystal-clear clarity, and a profound connection to the infinite wisdom of the universe—unleash your limitless potential today.
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We're here to de-cringe the psychic world and help women like you reclaim your inherent power with ease and safety so you can finally be in control of your life and destiny!

We've been where you are...

...wanting to elevate your intuition...
...longing to have clarity on your direction and life choices...
...pining for deeper purpose and service. 

We also know how hard it is to be so overwhelmed with all the choices of spiritual paths out there, never really knowing who to trust and what works. And trust us... there are a lot of people out there claiming to be professional and getting themselves and their students in spiritual peril!

This is why we've created this school... to give you the roadmap to success for Third Eye awakening in complete safety, professionalism, and ethical standards.

This process should be fun and easy, and everything we do is to help facilitate your power with full integrity & authenticity!
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We've taught over 900 women,
just like you, to reclaim their authentic power and create miracles in their lives
— Even with fear, hesitation, or trauma!

With over two decades of spiritual awakening & healing experience, we've seen it all and have crafted programs that easily guide students towards reclamation with full empowerment, ease, and, above all, safety.

If you want your power, we'll help you get there.

We Guarantee It!
read our guarantee
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"The person I am today is a completely different person than the person I was before this course. I use these tools every single day! I highly recommend!"
Ravelle, Austin TX — Psychic Foundations student
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"This school has shown me my authentic self and has lead me to my path and my mission. I learned so much about myself and gained so much confidence I never thought I had!"
KRISTI, Canada — professional mastery student
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"This school has given me the reassurance and support I needed and showed me how to find my confidence and step into the role of teacher. Without their help, I don't know if I would've been able to do it!"
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"Before I found this school I was struggling spiritually. If you are feeling stuck or unmotivated, I encourage you to take this school! I've had some ah-ha moments and revelations! Thank you Third Eye!"

Awaken Your Third Eye
 With A Proven & Professional Framework
Rooted in Spiritual Integrity

We'll teach you the exact proven process to tap into your natural Psychic Gifts
with complete spiritual safety, integrity, & energetic responsibility!

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The Spiritual World is a Wild-Wild West 😬

...But, There is A New Sheriff in Town!

 Step-by-Step roadmaps (that have been refined over decades) to fully release negativity, effectively protect yourself, manifest your deepest desires, and tap into your Third Eye Power

Protocols & fully hand-held gGuidance  for Psychic Safety So You Don't Have To Worry About Getting Lost, Hurt, or 

 White-Glove, Fierce Feminine Space Holding From Experienced Teachers Who Protect The Space So You Are Free To Explore

 Teachings that always bring you back to YOUR truth, not anyone else's

These days, anyone can call themselves a healer or psychic, because there's no real authority on who's trained properly or not. Someone's best of intentions will not keep you safe in the hands of an untrained guide. The subconscious world can be a dangerous place for those who haven't yet developed the skills to navigate with total sovereignty, autonomy, and energetic authority..

That's exactly why Third Eye Psychic School is a game-changer. We're all about keeping energy work fiercely safe, professionally regulated, and holistically responsible.

When we guide our students through their awakening, they can rest assured that each step is deeply protected & sacred through our 4 Pillars of Ethical & Spiritually Responsibility.
We know first hand the frustration, skepticism, disappointment, and disillusionment that shows up when we don't have a proven path to develop this spiritual skill.

We've been there ourselves! This is why our teaching staff has created and refined our programs with over 50 years of combined experience to create the most life-changing
transformations available
online or in person!

Check out why have over 900 women have been successful:

Experienced Instructors

Each of our teachers has walked this path and has been right where you are right now. This gives us a powerful understanding of the challenge that shows up in Third Eye awakening and therefore we can share personal stories of triumph.

Authentic Guarantees

Each of our courses has it own guarantees that are rooted in the deep belief that if you do the work we prescribe for you, YOU WILL FEEL CONFIDENT in your Clairvoyant abilities. If you are unsatisfied with your results, we'll work with you 1-on-1 until you are fully satisfied.

Material You’ll Love

We literally wrote the books on Clairvoyance! Each of our certification programs have in-depth video lessons, guided audios, physical textbooks & workbooks, and a resource center that can be referenced for years to come.

Personal  Coaching

We know how hard it can be to overcome certain pains, challenges, and blocks to clairvoyance because we've had to do it ourselves! Our coaching staff is the best in the biz to guide you through tough moments.

Flexible Payment Options

We truly believe that clairvoyance is a birthright for all of us. We never want money to hold you back from this journey, so we do our best to creatively find solutions that work for everyone when it comes to payment.

Professional  Pathways

We go beyond education, but empower you to build a thriving spiritual business. We offer courses, coaching packages, marketing expertise, and Done-For-You services to help make your vision a financial success.

We are more than a spiritual school...

We are a sanctuary for your soul!

Welcome, beautiful soul! I'm absolutely thrilled that you've found your way here. I'm Alexandria, the founder of this little corner of the Internet. When I was young on my spiritual journey, it was hard to find people, teachers, and mentors who were trustworthy and responsible. Instead, I found a lot of ick and cringe masked in "light & love". 

It took me WAY LONGER than necessary to reclaim my natural psychic gifts because I kept getting blind-sided by the wild-wild west that is the spiritual industry right now.

So I created this school, so women like yourself can have a place that is trustworthy, safe, ethical, responsible, and professional to explore the more taboo and hidden parts of your subconscious... A place where you can drop your armor, and enjoy the delight of spirituality through sisterhood, awakening, laughter, and fun. 

Our mission is to support you, uplift you, and guide you as you step into your authentic self and embrace the extraordinary woman you were born to be. It's time to trust yourself, embrace your gifts, and create a life that is truly aligned with your soul's purpose.

 Take my hand, and let's begin this soulful journey together.
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When You Take The Path We Set For You, We Promise You These Four Things:


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Ah-ha's & Whoa's

We promise that the material you here in our courses will be mind-blowing! We take you behind the curtain of the most coveted spiritual & psychic secrets that only the most devout yogis and monks have had the privilege of knowing!


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Exhales & Resets

There are unique challenges that show up when doing psychic learning. With over 900 women served, we've seen it all and have created healing frameworks that will lift off the density of your specific challenges and pave the way to your success.


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Bonds & Breakthroughs

If you want to be successful in your clairvoyance, you can't take this journey alone. We deeply understand the power of personalized and community support to successfully attain these skills and master them.


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Dreams & Triumphs

To actualize your power, you must use flex it. We provide live spaces and weekly Masterminds to actualize your clairvoyant skills to develop the confidence, clarity, and credibility that you so deeply deserve and desire. We teach you how to make your dreams reality.

The First Step Sets the Foundation for Your Journey...

Psychic Foundations™

28 Days to Total Energetic Freedom & Third Eye Awakening
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empowering women one third eye at at time

934 Third Eye Reclamations and Counting

These courses were life-changing for me! The tools I learned to use in my life daily have helped me find my sovereignty and neutrality. I am looking at things in a whole new light and my family has noticed the positive changes in me. Alex is so knowledgeable and down to earth. 
This courses are wonderfully organized and comprehensive. They covers important aspects of psychic awareness - from clearing to shielding, connecting to earth and cosmic energies, manifesting/having, and so much more and clairvoyant reading/healing. The tools taught are useful and powerful. I especially loved Alex Moran's presence and energy. She's compassionate, relatable and someone I'd love to continue learning from.
jacqueline - hawaii
Talk about a wake-up call. These programs have shown me how much more there is to life. Embracing my inner vision has led to so many positive changes – improved focus, better decision-making, you name it. I’m in awe of the power within me that Third Eye School has helped unlock.
hannah, 42 - canada

"My life has completely changed because of the courses in this school. I've finally found my purpose! Thank you Third Eye!"

Re-Aee Woolboy

"I love everything about this company and its programs! Professional, supportive, applicable and much needed tools and meditations for every day life. Truly grateful for the love, support, and growth I have received thus far! Thank you so much xo"
Carly Frazier

"I feel so much more in control and powerful over my emotions and my life. These tools have given me the power to stay in my own energy and stand strong in my sovereignty. This space is so safe and sacred. You truly feel connected to one another."

Madyson Ancell

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